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Our Guarantees to You

When coming to a thirty-party academic service provider, you might be concerned about the quality of service you’re likely to get there. Will their writers be competent enough to handle urgent and complex papers? Will their essay revision service be good enough to polish your draft to perfection? In any instance, entrusting your academic paper to another person (the one you don’t know personally) is a risk.

To help you overcome the worries, we outline the following quality hallmarks and guarantees all clients of our service get without exceptions. When ordering papers here, you are always protected from subpar content and plagiarized texts because we invest extra time and effort in recruiting top-quality authors. Besides, we conduct quality checks at every stage, ensuring clients are always satisfied with no-surprises, top-notch services.

Degree-holding experts

All authors getting into our writing team possess Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, which ensures that the best academic experts serve you in your academic subject.

High-quality guarantee

No paper gets to clients’ hands before editors rigorously check it for compliance with the instructions, word count, content authenticity, and absence of plagiarized fragments.

Free revisions within 2 weeks

Once you get the paper from us and have some improvement suggestions, don’t hesitate to turn to your writer, requesting revisions. You have 14 days to request free changes and countless revisions if they are in line with initial order instructions.

100% money-back

We strive to meet and exceed clients’ expectations, but things happen, and writers may face emergencies preventing them from delivering excellent service. If your paper is subpar, we’ll return 100% of your payment.

Complete confidentiality

We know that teachers frown upon using third-party providers’ services. So, we keep all client data and financial transactions secret. You can rest assured nobody will learn about your use of external academic services.

Definition essay

No matter what type of paper you need, you’re guaranteed to get it here in hours. Suppose you need a definition essay – no problem. Just place an order, and managers will locate the best writer asap.


Clients coming to us for academic assistance may have some additional questions or concerns regarding the overall process of placing an order, paying for the assignment, and reviewing the final product. To help you out, we have compiled the most frequent questions in this section. Read on to see how our service works.

Can someone write my college essay for me?

There are hundreds of professional writers on standby 24/7 to help with your admission essay. We take proper care of delivering the service you need right at the time when you need it. Therefore, you may stop worrying about deadlines, plagiarism, and compliance with academic standards. We’ll cover you up.

How do you write an admission essay for college?

Admission essay writing is a challenging and responsible process requiring proper research, strong academic skills, and meticulous editing. If you’re unwilling to waste time on this paper, use the individual essay writing help available here. Our experts are ready to give you a helping hand with such assignments.

Can you write my essay for free?

Those looking for admission essay writers shouldn’t look anymore as they are at the right place. Our company has a star team of essay writers completing superb papers. We don’t provide free papers, but the service rates are highly affordable here, allowing you to save much compared to similar service providers.

How much does it cost?

It would be unreasonable to expect that good college admission essay writers will work free of charge or at minimum rates. However, we manage to compliment good service with low, affordable rates. Your paper’s cost depends on its urgency, length, and specific details; contact our managers to receive an exact service quote.


College Essay Which Guarantees Your Admission

Not everyone can write college essays the way the committee or the supervisor wants. Flawless academic writing is quite different from what school students typically write. In addition to the formulation of personal ideas and reflections on the learned material, academic papers should comply with the academic standards of formatting, referencing, and proper credit to the resources used in the process of structuring.

So, how to excel in academic writing and complete all types of essays well to surprise the tutor and fetch high grades? Here are some expert tips from pro authors allowing you to improve your writing skills sustainably.

Don’t start writing before you have at least a general idea of the content in mind. This idea can be developed based on quick Google research or a quick search at your college library. Just make sure you know what you’re writing about.

We recommend beginning every paper with an outline. You can make it as detailed or as brief as you like. Its main benefit is being a roadmap for writing, ensuring you don’t get too far from the thesis statement when exploring your arguments.

Another tip is to write down the list of significant arguments in the shortest form possible. There’s no need to explain every argument in detail. The list of key points in front of your eyes during the writing process will help you stay on track without losing the point.

Professional writers focus on their texts’ paragraph level, knowing that an ideal paragraph is a constituting element of any good work, whether it is a 3-page essay or a 300-page dissertation. Make sure every paragraph flows from the beginning to the end, having all the necessary elements (topic sentence, argumentation, concluding sentence).

Connect your paragraphs skillfully to improve the overall flow of your text. This can be done with well-crafted transitions and topic sentences.

Don’t forget about a thoughtful conclusion. The concluding paragraph should be more than just a summary, showing you understand the broader context and can draw conclusions from new material.

Not ready to invest time and effort in honing your writing competency? No problem, as our professional essay help service can save any assignment, no matter how urgent it is. Qualified writers are always at your service, able to deal with any subject and any deadline to save your grades.

Order High-Quality College Essays and Get Admitted Hands-Down

Struggling with an admission essay to secure a place in college? There is nothing easier when conquering the admission committee than using professional assistance at our essay writing service. Our experienced authors have many years of practice in terms of admission paper writing, so they know how to impress your committee. Here are some tricks they recommend using:

Any professional college admission essay writing service studies the specific educational institution’s requirements to which the paper should be presented to follow all demands to the dot.

Writers of admission assignments should present themselves in a favorable light without sounding too “forthputting,” which means a proper balance of self-confidence and modesty.

It’s always wise to showcase skills and achievements relevant to a particular institution to clarify by examples why you’ll be a valuable asset to that college or university.

Professional writers always try to build links between theory and practice, connecting some bits of the applicants’ personal experiences with broader values and goals.

Don’t forget to add some future prospects and dreams in your admission essay to show that you are a person with a goal.

Use these hacks to nail your college committee and submit a memorable essay. But even if you feel that your writing efforts are not good enough, there’s always room for improvement. Turn to our writing experts, and they will either bring your draft to perfection or will compose an entirely new compelling admission text you’ll love.

We render affordable admission essay help to everyone wishing to secure their admission chances, maximizing the value you get for your money. Try our service to find out how you can benefit from years of professional experience and broad coverage of subjects by the star writing team.

What To Write in an Admission Essay – 10 Tips from Expert Writers

Again, returning to the process of admission essay writing, we want to give some additional advice to those wishing to complete this type of assignment on their own. The key to any essay’s success is to keep to the general essay writing format and to stick to the committee’s requirements. The rest is a set of technicalities.

Here are our top tips on maximizing your admission essay’s chances to meet the committee’s expectations.

The word count matters much in this essay type. If the committee sets the limit at 500 words, even 550 words may look like a severe violation of requirements. Your essay will go to the trash, no matter how brilliantly it is written.

As with other types of essays, the admission essay should have a key point and message. In most cases, your key point should be why you’re worth an admission.

Don’t forget about the essay’s structure when dealing with admission texts. These essays are not an exception; they should also include an introduction, a body of the paper, and a conclusion.

Don’t think that your life is boring. Ask friends and family members to tell you some funny stories from the past; ask parents to tell childhood stories. Something will surely pop up to tell the committee about.

Think of all negative and positive life moments as learning experiences. Everything that happens to us is a part of the bigger project – our lives. So, there’s always something to share. Did you save a dog from a pond when you were five? That’s an excellent illustration of your appreciation of others’ lives. Did you take care of your granny when she was old and sick? That’s a perfect learning example of a caring personality that can fit many educational establishments’ value systems.

Don’t boast. Even if you’re really too good to be true.

Don’t lie. It’s the worst kind of sin (after plagiarism).

Don’t deviate from the topic. The committee won’t read a paper about your small brother if they asked to write about an ecological crisis.

Make conclusions. Just telling a story isn’t enough; you have to show what you’ve learned from it.

Draw parallels and connections. It’s always good to show how theory and practice links, and the way you see it may point at your intellect. Educational institutions like goal-directed students and always compare those goals with their broader mission to see whether they match. By analyzing your dream college’s value system, mission, and vision, you can connect the dots and show how your goals fit its future.

If you want to make sure that all these requirements are met, without a doubt, it may be a good idea to use our admission essay help. All writers employed here have in-depth expertise in admission writing. More than that, many of them used to work in admission committees, so they know what the applicants should include in these texts.

A Perfect Admission Essay Is Coming to You! Get Ready to Enjoy…

Now you know much about admission essays and understand how to write them. But what if the desire and skill to write such a work doesn’t appear? No problem, our professional application essay help is here to assist and free you from the tedious, tiresome writing process. Here are some guarantees distinguishing our company from hundreds of other providers on the market. These advantages are given to every client coming for writing assistance, and you can get all these perks when placing an order.

Writer Expertise

When you use our expert services, you’re always guaranteed to get the best available author specializing in your subject area. We train managers to match orders and writers in the most efficient manner so that only experts with in-depth practical experience in your niche get access to your assignment.

100% Compliance with Deadlines

We always work on college admission essay writing with your burning deadlines in mind. Thus, if you need professional assistance real quick, it’s always wise to turn to us. Authors we employ are ready to handle even the most pressing deadlines, delivering papers within as little as 3 hours.

Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the worst academic sin, and all writers working for us know this as A, B, C. To add an extra layer of protection for all clients, we also use a premium plagiarism checker tool. Editors run all drafts to verify the full authenticity of content before submitting it to the customers.

24/7 Support

Once you decide to become our client, you can count on the round-the-clock support from managers and writers. We work 24/7 to serve clients from all time zones and render timely and competent advice and consultation whenever you might need it.

Free Revisions

When you get a paper from one of our authors, you may be dissatisfied with some of its parts, the terms used, or structural issues. If that’s the case, feel free to contact your writer and ask for revisions. The author will polish the paper to perfection, closing the order only after you’re delighted with what you see.

Broad Coverage of Subjects and Topics

When you work our admission essay service, the best aspect you’ll surely appreciate is the broad coverage of academic subjects. Experts employed here can write professionally and knowledgeably on 30+ academic disciplines. Even if you don’t find your subject on the list, contact managers to inquire about it. They’re sure to find the needed expert for you quickly.


Urgent orders are the most pressing concern for students. It often happens that you forget about the pending assignment or realize one day before its submission that you have zero free time to complete it. We can help with such assignments and complete orders within 3 hours to save you from deadline violation penalties.

As you can see, these benefits are quite attractive for any client to enjoy. We provide the full-service package on every order, thus increasing the standard for high-quality academic assistance. Come to us for assistance and place an order to see for yourself.

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So, now you see that there is a safe place to order an admission essays without worries and doubts. Why endure the challenging and lengthy process of writing an admission assignment if you know a place where experts can do it for you within hours? There’s no sense in struggling with academic writing if there is a reliable and competent assistant just one click away.

The professional college admission essay writing service is yours for the taking here, no matter what your subject area or assignment type is; contact our managers for a quote and maximize your admission chances.