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Our Guarantees to You

Once you turn to our service, you can expect excellent quality at every step and in every process. Here are some guarantees we give to every client on every order placed here.

  • 24/7 support for all clients having some questions or concerns.
  • Broad coverage of subjects and academic disciplines to support all students’ needs.
  • Professional essay revision service to help you improve the draft you’ve already composed based on the reviewer’s or supervisor’s feedback.
  • Timely delivery even on urgent orders (we handle orders with a 3-hour deadline).
  • Flawless writer expertise allowing us to compose only A+ assignments.
  • Full authenticity of content written for clients.

As you can see, the perks are highly appealing. Try the service we provide today to make sure for yourself.

Degree-holding experts

All authors we employ should prove that they have a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in a specific academic area. We welcome the applicant to the team only under this condition, knowing that they will deliver top-notch content quality.

High-quality guarantee

Professionals – both writers and managers – handle all orders placed with us. You can request assistance and clarifications from support, monitor the writer’s progress with your paper, and enjoy top-notch service.

Free revisions within 2 weeks

We also offer a reliable essay revision service for all clients getting assignments from our authors. Whatever the issue with your paper is, you have 2 weeks to contact your writer and ask for free improvements.

100% money-back

You’re dissatisfied with the assignment’s content; on rare occasions, such things happen. If the paper is indeed subpar, we’re ready to give you the total price of your order back with our sincere apologies.

Complete confidentiality

We know that supervisors won’t be happy knowing that you used a third-party provider’s service to complete your assignment. So, we keep all transactions and customer data confidential to save you the trouble of such a shameful exposure.

Definition essay

Do you need to have your definition essay edited? No problem, our authors are highly experienced in such type of works, so they can provide both writing and editing services to make your definition essay ideal.


Ordering an assignment from an external provider may seem risky; we know it. To dispel your doubts and clarify your concerns, we have composed this FAQ section answering the clients’ most frequent questions. Look through it to find the information you need.

Are essay editing service legit?

You may rest assured that our essay editor service is fully legal and reliable. We provide all legal information about our company on the main website to double-check who you are paying money to. Thus, there is no reason to worry about the legal side of our contract.

Can Turnitin detect essay edit online?

No, Turnitin is a plagiarism detection service targeting only non-unique fragments of your essay. It cannot detect any essay edit service to which your essay was exposed as editing work presupposes only stylistic, syntactic, and grammar improvements, as well as some rewording of sentences for a better flow.

Can I hire someone to edit paper online?

Yes, our team includes hundreds of professionals with years of experience in essay editing. Thus, when turning to us for editing help, you always get impeccable service, with all aspects of your text chosen and polished to perfection.

How much does it cost?

The cost of hiring a professional online essay editor here depends on your paper’s urgency, complexity level, and subject area. Besides, we calculate the quote based on the depth of editing required. If your tutor has some minor remarks, the work is simple, while in-depth structural changes require more work.


Getting Help from Our Online Essay Editing Service Is Not Cheating

Many students worry about the ethical side of ordering papers from third-party academic providers, thinking that ordering such a service equals cheating. But overall, there is nothing wrong with asking for essay help if you feel that your writing skills are not good enough to submit an A-grade paper. Let’s look at some of the reasons urging students to use academic writing and editing services. In most cases, you’ll see that these causes are reasonable enough, having nothing in common with lies, laziness, or cheating.

In some cases, students feel overwhelmed by the workload they have at college. Attending lectures, working on numerous home assignments, starting an independent life away from home, and having a part-time job to provide for a living is too much for one human being. Chronic stress and fatigue accumulate, with students unable to cope with their daily routines well, and the time may come to choose what to go on with, studies or work.

With our essay edit service, you don’t need to choose between vital priorities. It’s possible to combine studies, work, and normal life-work balance if you have a trusted companion supporting your academic writing needs. The same goes for students who have small children and often feel in despair because of the chronic lack of time for studies, work, and childcare. We have pocket-friendly solutions and professional assistance for this category of clients, making good grades possible.

Thus, as you can see, managing all your life priorities is possible if you have a trusted companion by your side. We support your academic needs and render timely, competent college paper editing services when you need them. Whenever you feel too tired to perform the task well or too busy to sit and research the topic thoroughly, contact our managers to get quick and professional help with all your writing and editing needs. The process of getting an editing service from us is super-simple and record-quick:

  • You fill out the order form to request our editing service.
  • You pay for the order based on the quote received from a manager.
  • You partner closely with an assigned editor, giving feedback on their work.
  • You review the final product and close the order or ask for further revisions.


If you have already composed a draft and have no time for proofreading it thoroughly, we are on standby with a professional editing service. Thus, we can help in any academic situation, regardless of the subject area, the topic, and the deadline. Studies shouldn’t be a drama; you can study well and still live a happy life.

Professional Essay Editing Services For Any Academic Needs

So, when you come to us for help to edit essay online, what type of service do you expect to receive? What does editing generally involve, and how can you make sure that a thorough, competent editing service has been provided? Let’s take a peek at the editing process as our in-house editors see it.

Correct Spelling

Checking these issues is quite simple today, with so many spellcheckers available online. Even your Word editor will highlight some blatant errors in spelling to help you correct these mistakes. However, some words are spelled correctly, while their use is out-of-place. In other words, your spellchecker won’t highlight such misspelled words as “there” instead of “their,” “lose” instead of “loose,” “whether” instead of “weather,” etc. Also, keep in mind that spellcheckers rarely help with misspelled proper names, so you should double-check this aspect on your own.

Correct Capitalization

The way you capitalize headings, subheadings, and other parts of your text matters when the supervisor calculates your essay’s grade. Thus, for instance, you should capitalize all notion words and prepositions longer than four letters in titles, as well as start a new sentence with a capitalized word. Names of streets, proper names, names of people, and the beginnings of quotations should also be capitalized.

Correct Punctuation

In-sentence punctuation is a detail that matters. The way you place periods, commas, apostrophes, and quotation marks can say much about your command of English. These tiny errors distract the reader from the content and can spoil the impression of your essay considerably. Thus, a professional online essay editor works hard to improve punctuation to make your essay flow well, without syntactic errors confusing the reader.

Correct Word Choice

When writing an essay, always think about the intended audience. Whether fellow students will read your text, researchers, or scientists, you should choose the appropriate vocabulary. Academic and sophisticated words will hardly fit a school essay while using primitive, simplistic words in a postgraduate essay is also a stylistic failure.

So, here is the gist of our online essay editing service. Rest assured that your assignment will be thoroughly checked for all these aspects, with a qualified expert taking an in-depth, objective look at the structure, flow, and content. Errors and typos will also be ousted from the content to make it shine and impress your tutor.

“How Will You Edit My Paper?” The Order Procedure Explained

Those who are still unsure how professional essay editing assistance is provided can look at our editing checklist. Editors working with us use this checklist to make sure that your assignment’s goal is achieved, introducing corrections on the way to make the paper look perfect. Here are the tips and takeaways you can also use in your editing process:

  • What is the main idea formulated in the thesis statement in your introduction?
  • Does the essay’s main idea correspond to the supervisor’s assignment?
  • Are your paragraphs clear and focused on one topic each?
  • Does your introduction introduce the reader to the broad context?
  • Is your essay well-organized and flowing well?
  • Did you use transitions between paragraphs to preserve coherence and cohesion?
  • Is there a “hooking” statement in the introduction?
  • Does the conclusion summarize all key ideas?
  • Does the conclusion present a reference to the broader context?

These points can help an editor conduct an initial assessment of your paper’s content, allowing them to introduce some vital improvements in the structure to make an essay flow better.

After in-depth editing of the text, the time comes to perform its proofreading. Though many students ignore this stage, considering it redundant, it is critical to polish your assignment. The purpose of proofreading is to correct errors and inconsistencies in the text’s mechanics. Following the structure explained in the previous section, our editors focus on the spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues of the text to correct errors that might have been skipped during the editing of structure and content. As a result, your rough draft becomes the final product, ready for submission to the pickiest tutor without any risks of grade reduction or penalties.

We know that editing and proofreading take time, and at times it may even last longer than the actual writing. If you’re not ready to sacrifice hours of your life proofreading the assignment on your own, you can always turn to our experts for individual essay editing help. We attend to every client’s personal needs and assign a professional editor to handle your paper in record time without compromising the quality of the editing service. Just contact us and inform our managers about your academic needs, letting us find an appropriate solution with a record-quick turnaround.

Choose Our Service

Now you should be better informed about how our college essay editing services can help you study better and fetch only high grades on all essays you’re submitting. Composing an assignment is only a part of the job; the main task is to bring it to perfection with careful editing and proofreading. Don’t risk submitting a paper without editing it; the risk of getting a low grade for some minor issues is too high.

If your mental and physical resources end in writing, maybe it’s time to contact a professional and qualified assistant? An extra pair of eyes will help you take a detached glance at what you’ve written, correcting some typos or flaws to get a higher grade. Use our essays editing service and remain at the top of your class with meticulously proofread assignments; it’s possible to make any essay ideal if you know what to look at.